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Does your engine has hiccups at tempo changes? Doesn’t it pull up well at low rpm? Do you miss power at these moments?

There is gain to be achieved.

It's not weird your engine is running like that. You can adjust a motor to make it run as comfortable as possible. You can also adjust it to make it run as economical or clean as possible. The latter has been done by BMW under pressure of current emission requirements.

As a result, your engine does not always run smoothly. Especially at low speeds, such as in traffic jams or in turns. Do you also have the idea that your engine is missing power at these moments?

High time for a solution

Origin of the solution
Jan, my father, experienced the same problems with his engine 9 years ago. He, as an industrial designer, therefore designed a module that increased his driving pleasure. Together with a forum (BMWclub.nl), he has tested and refined the ReCyclizer. Meanwhile, in Europe, more than 4,500 people ride with the ReCyclizer on their BMW boxer.

What does the ReCyclizer provide?
- improvement of the gas response
- more pulling force
- more torque
- smooth running
- no software adjustments
- easy self-installation


How does it work?
The solution is to reduce the air temperature measurement values. The fuel injection then becomes higher. Experience teaches us that fuel consumption does not increase or to a small extent, because the sensors in the engine adjust the injection again poorly for longer even use. For best results, the ReCyclizer also takes the ambient temperature into account.
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Why so cheap compared to other tuners?

Good question! You should ask this question to the salesmen of the more expensive modules. We have achieved to offer the same effect with affordable components; that's probably the difference.

Is it safe?
No changes are made to the computer. All that the module does is tell the computer that it is colder than it actually is. When you remove the module, everything is back to normal again and there is nothing left in the computer. The richer mix is less rich than what BMW uses as an emergency program if the temperature sensor is broke and that can’t damage the engine either.
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It is a matter of locating the air temperature sensor (IAT sensor), loosening a plug and placing the ReCyclizer in between. So you can recycle it for your next motor. For some models, the saddle must be loosened or some screw in a side panel removed. A manual is included. There are so many models that do not have each model its own manual. See the manual to see if you’re up for it: download manual

What does it cost?

44 euros, including VAT and shipping.

Do you buy with a friend? 2 pieces for 74 euros

(The price changed because it's not possible to send items via normal letter post anymore. Sorry about that!)


60 days free trial

Try it out first? No problem. If you don’t like it, just send back the ReCyclizer. It will only cost you a few stamps.



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