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How does it work?
You can adjust a motor to make it run as comfortable as possible. You can also adjust it to make it run as economical or clean as possible. The latter was done by BMW. These adjustments are packaged in the Motronic scheme in the so-called 'mapping'. This is a sort of table, which contains, among other things, how much fuel is to be injected at a certain throttle position, air temperature, speed, etc. The air-fuel ratio that the Motronic standard controls is approximately 14.7: 1. However, the engine runs best at about 13: 1, a richer mixture. You can tweak the Motronic a little by changing the input signals.

One of the input signals is the air temperature measurement (IAT). If we change this value so that the Motronic thinks the air is colder, the Motronic thinks that a higher amount of air is entering. Colder air is heavier and contains more oxygen. That's why the Motronic will inject more fuel and that's what's going to make the engine run better.

To work properly at different ambient temperatures, the Recyclizer must also adapt to this. Therefore a temperature compensation is also built in.

Is it legal?
Is there a mandatory motor vehicle inspection in your country? Ask your dealer if the slight increase in power (a few percent) and increase in emissions are within the requirements. In the Netherlands, Belgium and France for example you are free to make changes.

When you adjust the original state of a product, you always have the chance that the factory warranty expires. Check with your dealer if you want to be sure.

Does the fuel consumption increase?
Our experience is that fuel consumption does not increase or just a little. At tempo changes, the system is effective (and that’s what we want) and at longer even operation the lambda sensors adjust to a leaner mixture again. A more even run, a better "pull-up" and a much better gas response invite you to tweak the gascrew more, which naturally increases fuel consumption.

Can the motor be harmed because of the richer fuel injection?
If the temperature sensor of the BMW motor is defective, it enters an emergency program. This is a very rich mix where nothing will harm the motor. The ReCyclizer has a less rich mix than the emergency program.

Can I return the ReCyclizer if he does not work as desired?
Of course! If you don’t get the expected result, you can sent it back within 60 days.
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Is the installation complicated?
It is a matter of locating the air temperature sensor (IAT sensor), loosening a plug and placing the ReCyclizer in between. In some models, the saddle must be loosened or some screws need to be removed from a side panel. A manual is included. There are so many models that do not have each model its own manual. See the manual to see if you find it complicated: download manual

My model BMW is not listed; do you provide a module for it?
The ReCyclizer works with almost all BMW boxer models. You can try it out and return it without problems if it does not work as you please. Order: -Other BMW boxer model.

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